We would like to give the Warmest Welcome to k&m’s 2020 NEW Stunning European Brand Ambassador From Beautiful Macedonia! 🇲🇰

Amber, is our wonderful 2 year and 8 month old  German Shepard. She is the most beloved girl of our family. Amber simply knows how to bring each of us great joy, and does so on a daily basis.

Amber is both an energetic dog, and a mostly cheerful girl. She is always in the mood to play with her family members, and to go on long hikes. She uncannily knows the exact time when we get home from work, and she is waiting for us at the door. She greets us every day with excitement, and a happy wagging tail, as we open the door! 

Her great loyalty to our family, combined with her daily greetings for us make us feel very special, very happy, and super loved by her!

I love feeding Amber freshly cooked food, which she  likes to eat, although sometimes she can be  a little picky about it. One of her favorite treats which she most loves to eat are carrots! We find this curiously strange! She’s a very strong, and healthy girl, and has a good appetite.

Amber has many toys, which she loves playing with. She takes great care of them all. She has never destroyed a toy, which is also very strange for this breed dog, and always makes sure to choose a different toy to sleep with every night!

German Shepard's are known for their intelligence and beauty. She is both beautiful and so very intelligent. She treats the family in such a gentle way and is especially gentle in the treatment of our children. It is an amazing sight to watch!  

Amber, is a member of our family, and we couldn’t imagine our home without our beautiful girl. She is a blessing to each of us and we adore our sweet, and fun loving girl!

~ Viktorija Gligorova (Amber’s Mom 💕)

Find Amber💕🐾  on IG @gsd_amber