About The Dog Accessory Crafting Process and Company


Each one of our genuine leather collars, grips and leads are crafted with love and great attention to detail. Our pride and glory is our unique design which combines elegance, functionality and durability into one. All of our products are made in the USA.  We take the comfort and happiness of your Pup to heart. Our manufacturing partners in California have taken it a step further ensuring that our goal to provide you with the very best accessory is achieved. Our collection of accessories are made to last you and your pet a lifetime, just like the beautiful relationship that you have with each other!


When establishing krümmel and mirth our goal was to make comfortable, quality, long lasting, classic dog accessories. It was inevitable that we had our work cut out for us! Our top priority was agreeing to never compromise on the quality of our materials and our craftsmanship. Selecting to design and craft all of k&m’s pet accessories in the USA was confirmed. Upon finding our talented manufacturer on California’s coastline, we set out to obtain the most durable and luxurious, buttery soft leathers available on the market today. Our dog accessories are the best of both worlds; durability and elegance, along with comfort and a cutting edge of Classic Chic! We pride ourselves at krümmel & mirth on finding some of the most dedicated men and women, to share our keen eye to attention, and detail. Our goal is working together to provide you, and your pet, with a handcrafted and well designed piece of art.

We envision, "All dogs deserve the very best!" At krümmel & mirth you and your best friend get just that… our very best!

Each product is intricately handcrafted and sewn using double layers of leather. All of our dog collars, from the smallest to the largest, are reinforced for durability. Our solid brass chicago screws are individually screwed in by hand and secured for permanence and performance. We use gorgeous brass hardware that will withstand any size dog. 

The creation of a krümmel & mirth product, from the first hand drawn sketch to the last screw, is a long and involved journey, yet a journey we take very seriously, and with great PASSION. 


Krümmel is German for crumbs and mirth is defined as gladness or gaiety as shown by or accompanied with laughter. The combination of such interesting words, crumbs and great joyful laughter, has a truly unique story behind it.  Last year while researching Peruvian textiles for a project owner, Michelle Codrington, became intrigued by the history of Peruvian textiles. Such richly steeped culture and community led her to learn more about Peru and their fine craftsmanship.   She was curious to know why, and how their weaving traditions came to be. What consistently amazed her was how each of the artisans were filled with such a joyful countenance! Hence, mirth came to mind.  With further research she found that each of Peru's regions had a story to tell. Nature, history, and color flowed into their artful craft. She came to understand with more clarity their daily challenges. For many of these artisans daily life consists of extreme and stark living conditions. Children don’t have the luxury of going to schools to receive a traditional education. Every family member's hands, from the youngest to the oldest, are needed to help create these exquisite textiles… it is the air they breath. This is their trade, their life, it is who they are. Finding tenable sales outlets for their unique and beautiful textiles all heightens the Peruvian people's hardships. Enter, krümmel (crumbs.)

"My brand's name, krümmel & mirth, was slowly being revealed to me as I was awakened to the different culture and heritage of these beautiful Peruvian people. I recognized that these gifted artisans of Peru had truly mastered having it all both krümmel & mirth!" 


krummel and mirth logo | barking sound wave | dog collars, leashes, grips

The circular design, which surrounds k&m in our logo, is the actual sound wavelength of a dog’s mirthful barking! WOOF!

Regardless of our background, cultural, religious or political differences we all share this beautiful world in which we reside! Dogs have mirth down


Wag & the whole world wags with you!



Michelle Codrington and the Boys of krümmel & mirth


Michelle Codrington, owner of krümmel & mirth, had a dream for many years in which she would get to design a product that would combine three important values; uniqueness, elegance and durability. Michelle owns three dogs of her own and has always had a passion for fashion and animals. After retiring from teaching three years ago she finally had the opportunity to pursue her other dreams and passions. With her combined love of people, dogs, travel, languages, culture, and fashion she received her wonderful husband's blessings and support to embark on a new adventure! She has devoted her life to adopting rescues, both seniors and puppies! The philosophy she lives by is… “Adoption is Key!” She and her husband have three precious adopted pups, Luke, Cooper and Charlie, AKA The Boys of k&m. Their boys are the pack leaders and the driving force behind krümmel & mirth! 


Thank you for your interest in stepping into the world of krümmel & mirtha world founded upon and dedicated to our love for dogs and their owners! We hope you enjoy our story, our unique and beautiful product and our principle of giving generously with a "Dogs Spirit” back to the world! Love Yourself, Love your Dog, Love The World Of k&m!


Michelle and The Boys of k&m

May you and your furry best friend always be filled with great mirth and with the many blessings life offers! "Peace Begins With A Smile"... and a WAG!