Meet the Newest 2019 k&m Brand Representatives

Please help us give a warm welcome to our our newest k&m brand reps! Joining our team we have our Smokey and Teddy from the @smokey.teddy Instagram account. All brand reps receive a k&m collar, lead and grip set and also get a special highlight on the k&m blog. Here is a little piece on Smokey and Teddy's life with their owner, Bret. 


I researched the characteristics of different breeds and fell in love with the elegance and class of the standard poodle, aka spoo.  I am head over  heels for this breed.  After losing my first spoo,  I got two within two weeks of each other!  They are my heart and I wouldn’t change a thing!  Smokey (sable color) and Teddy (blue) are so different in personality and even their frame and fur — but they are the BFFs (Best Fur Friend) without question.

Smokey (Bear) is elegant, classy, and KNOWS he’s handsome!  He isn’t food or toy motivated (he doesn’t like peanut butter!!!), he’s goofy,  and has more empathy than anyone I know. He is currently in training to be a therapy dog.

Teddy (Bear) is one wild and crazy spoo!  He IS food + toy motivated and can play fetch 24/7.  He just needs a 10 minute power nap to recharge and do it all over again...and again...and again!

They are both 2 peas in a pod and their favorite activities are going to the off leash dog park, playing fetch, boating and swimming at grandma’s summer cabin, and of course — squirrel patrol!!  I can’t imagine life without a spoo or two!