The Boys of k&m and Their Adoption Stories!

Originally Written March 24, 2020

Luke is our 12 year old loyal, patient, and loving certified therapy Golden Retriever. He came from a high kill shelter run by inmates on the Georgia / Alabama line. Thanks to the wonderful inmate that worked with Luke, my husband and I are blessed to share our life with him today! On the day Luke was to be euthanized the shelter contacted Adopt-a-Golden Atlanta his inmate handler moved him to another part of the facility to give him a few extra days. He was a mere three months old. Luke is a beautiful gift and blessing to us, to our community, and the world around him! With his generous spirit, Luke gives back to others by visiting retirement homes, schools and a local Wellness Center… He freely spreads his love and wags, and brings hope and encouragement to all those he meets. Luke always leaves his peeps with an inner feeling of peace and a warm joyfulness! Affectionately called “Lulaboo -Lukie” by us, he is a one of a kind, sensitive and gentle, therapy dog. Uncannily he always knows exactly what people need and he waggingly showers them with the needed Love and Emotional support. Lukie is our soulful, beautiful, ever faithful, calm boy! 

Cooper, also adopted from Adopt-a-Golden Atlanta, is our six year old Duck Tolling Retriever. He is best described as our free spirited “wild child!” Cooper is outgoing, athletic, and a super dock diver. This pup has never met a stranger… Fondly we have nick named him “Super Cooper!” He always makes sure to have a toy in tow when greeting people! Super Cooper is also a therapy dog and enjoys spreading his gift of love and WAGS to all the patients. As a certified therapy dog he brings great laughter into the centers and lifts everyone spirits! He is a joyful pupper filled with a true Joie de Vivre! Cooper’s background is very much like Luke’s in that he also came from a high kill shelter in the general vicinity of where his brother Luke was found. He was about three months old when we adopted him. Our world was filled with mirth when we brought our Super Cooper into our home!! Super Cooper can claim the title of being the families avid smoocher and is always up for a tail spinning fun time! He is our ever active "let’s run and play" boy! 

Charlie is our last adopted pupper, and is our youngest child! He recently turned six years old and is a mini Goldendoodle, whom we adopted at seven months old. Finding his post on right before my husband's and my 10th Anniversary! As the story goes…"This little fur ball was meant to be a one week trial …foster-to-adopt." My husband was on a business trip during the initial finding of Charlie, totally unaware that I found him! After the first few hours with little Charlie running around our home, I knew he’d melted my heart and was home! I called the shelter letting them know, "Charlie had found his new forever family!!" Soon after…I called my Hubby and, wished him a surprise… "Happy Early Anniversary to us!" Loyal Charlie is ever watchful over the family, and likes to think he keeps everyone on their toes! He loves snuggling as close as he can, and encourages you to pet him 24/7! When you stop petting him he very gently nudges you to remind you of your responsibilities! Charlie also came from a very dire circumstance. He was found wandering around a neighborhood and ended up in a yard where a party was going on. Unfortunately some unkind people decided to use him as a soccer ball. “Charlie Brown” affectionately called by us, has a huge heart and loves to give back to his community with his sweet disposition and big smile! He does so by going with his brothers, and mom as a certified therapy dog to the local Wellness Center and warming the laps and hearts of all the patients! Charlie Brown is our little firecracker! Although, a little pup…. he likes to think of himself as the Big Boss! 

With the deepest sadness on 7/29/21 we lost our Beautiful Luke, (Lulaboo-Lukie) he battled during his last year with multiple medical issues always coming through victoriously, strong, and always happy! His beauty, strength determination and love for all will live on. Although my heart is shattered, I know our sweetheart  would want his mom to keep smiling and to keep remembering  all the joyful memories of the past 13.7 years of living life to the fullest!
Now a Golden Angel our darling, but always in our hearts run free sweetheart gorgeous boy, until we meet again! 💓Loving you forever… your mommy.

LUKE  “Our Angel”  


Blessed, Grateful, Graced To Love You & Be Loved By You  
~Matthew 5:8


 This picture was taken of our sweetheart Luke 2 days before his passing. May we learn from our beloved pets to have an effervescent joy in our hearts all the days of our life, as do our beautiful pups! Life is short— Live, Love, and Wag!