We are so excited to introduce you to our Newest k&m Tiny, Yet Supaw Mighty Models!🤩 All the way from France 🇫🇷 now living in The Big 🍎 NYC!

We are so excited to introduce you to our Newest k&m Tiny, Yet Supaw Mighty Models!🤩 All the way from France 🇫🇷 now living in The Big 🍎 NYC!

This story of a very Special Family of Rescue’s, along with their loving parents will capture and melt your hearts as they did ours.

Just when it seemed hopeless, a beautiful Princess & Prince with the hearts of angels stepped in... The rest is history! A remarkable story of love, dedication, trust, loyalty, & a newfound family … You won’t want to miss it!


Why one  should ADOPT & Not SHOP… 

Adoption can be an exciting, yet at the same time frightening  journey.  What lies ahead is a mystery at first...yet when pets are given time to trust, love and live... the ending is always a Joie de Vivre! Read more Happy Ever After✨Adoption stories from our beautiful team of new models @iamgurk written by their loving mom💕 below.

Elliott was our very first rescue, more than 12 years ago. He was devoured with Demodectic mange and in a very bad shape. I nursed him back to health using a natural approach (I started cooking for the dogs thanks to him) and he slowly came back to life. He has been super healthy ever since and is now almost 13. He is the one who made me want to reach out to the most needy dogs even more. Before & now pics. 

Cookie came to us as a last resort, another rescue organization had been advised to euthanize him because he was too traumatized... He had been rescued from a puppy mill and nobody could touch him, he would bite and avoid any contact with a human. He trusted me for some reason from the get-go and still to this day, he only allows me to touch him. He is my very special boy and is now 10, we've had him for eight years. Part of his story can be found here: 
Blue also came to us very sick, from a backyard breeder who left him for dead. He was almost hairless, skinny, anemic and we were not sure he would make it. It took him several months to feel better and start looking like a dog :). Today he is healthy and the sweetest boy there is. We've had him for five years. Before & now pics. 
Muffin is also a puppy mill survivor who is missing almost all of her teeth and part of her lower jaw, which is why her cute little tongue is always hanging out! She needs a little help to eat but apart from that, she is a tough cookie :). She is 11.5 and we've had her for seven years.
Bernie is another puppy mill rescue that we've had now for more than a year and whose rehabilitation was probably the toughest we've had so far. Super scared of humans and a little cuckoo, it's only after a year with us that he has let his guard down and started to really trust us. He is 10 years old, a little weirdo with only two teeth but so cute! Here's his full story:
Gurky is not a rescue per se, but we always say he is a rescue in disguise. He was supposed to be a show dog, except the breeder messed up the concoction and left him with many issues, the worst being a genetic disease that made him lose an eye and now being completely blind. He also made us learn so much, from his behavioral problems to other health issues. He is now 10.5 and we are blessed to still have him with us as his father passed at 8 years old and his sister at only 6! Here is is story:
And last but not least, Prozac is our last Chihuahua, who we rescued about seven months ago. He lived outdoors and was neglected by a backyard breeder. He has a deformed jaw and a tongue also hanging out on the side because of that. He is still rather scared out in the streets and weary of strangers, but he is super loving with us and his siblings. Once he came out of his shell, he showed us his clownish side and makes us laugh every day! His story can be found here:

They all came with us from France except for Bernie and Prozac who were rescued here in NYC.
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